Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Bucket List

I've decided that I need a plan for the summer and in to the fall. I like lists, I like plans, and I like having a purpose. Here are some of the things that I want to do, and I hope to add to it as I think of new things.

1. Make summer journal.
2. Go on boat.
3. Have a picnic.
4. Hike the fury path.
5. Hike the Liscombe Lodge path
6. Hike around the cape.
7. Write a children's book.
8. Go to Magic Valley.
9. Go to Hopewell rocks.
10. Run a 10K.
11. Blog at least 1x/week.
12. Start 365 picture project.
13. Teach Gage colour recognition.
14. Starting practicing piano and guitar 2x/week.
15. Take kids to the beach.
16. Write a lesson plan each week.
17. Make teaching portfolio better.
18. Make business cards for teaching.
19. Cut hair.
20. Have yardsale.
21. Go see Jocelyn.
22. Go to Moncton to MacArthur weekend.
23. Finish organizing/purging house.
24. Start sewing again.
25. Make curtains for bedrooms.
26. Read 5 books to Gage everyday.
27. Set up library for Sahara and Aidan, and get them reading everyday.
28. Start weekly art projects.
29. Complete sensory kit for Gage.
30. Start family history project.
31. Get pictures developed and put around house.
32. Go to Saltscapes restaurant.
33. Go to Victoria park.
34. Hike Fairmont.
35. Go to Cafe Italia.
36. Eat vegetarian 1 day/week.
37. Start Bible in 90 days.
38. Drink at least 8 glasses water/day.
39. Time drive to East Antigonish Education Centre.
40. Time drive to Tamarac.
41. Time drive to Chedabucto Education Centre.

We'll see how it goes!

*Update- It's August 12th, and many things still need to be crossed off my list, but at least I have started some of them!

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