Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back from my funk

So I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Well, to be perfectly honest, pretty much all winter, and especially the last couple of months. For various reasons I have felt pretty numb and during this time I haven't had the strong desire to write anything on here.

I'm starting to slowly come out of it though, and that makes me want to connect again, and voice my opinions again. So hopefully I'll be more motivated to keep up this blog and use it to share what I love, and connect with other people who love some of the same things that I do.

One thing I do love right now is my "new-to-me" jogging stroller. It's great and Gage loves going in it. I do admit that it is a little bit harder jogging with that than just with my own body weight, but hopefully that will help me become a better runner. And...if we could stop having all this rain I would be able to go out more.

Running gives me a time to clear my head and a good time to pray. It also gets Gage out of the house. All in all-a total winner.

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