Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I slacked off again

So I had great intentions in keeping up with the blog. But then life happened. Between finishing up my Master's, chasing my busy boy, being a wife, step-mother, daughter, and sister I once again stopped blogging. Not that I have anybody to keep me accountable because I think the only person who has ever read this is my mother. Nevertheless, it is time for an update.

Gage is closing in on one and I am seeing my little baby disappear and an active toddler emerging. At times I'm excited about the changes that I see and the knowledge of where his development will be going next. At other times I miss the little baby that adored lights (especially of the Christmas variety), kicking his feet, and spending time on the floor looking around. I've been very lucky to have been able to spend the past eleven months with him, other than 8 weeks of practice teaching, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.

Matt just finished another lobster fishing season. It's nice to have my husband back. I joke that I become a fishing widow during the season, because he's gone all day, home long enough to eat, shower, and then pretty much off to bed. Gage seems to like him being home more too, especially since he seems to think that his Dad is the fun one!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am having a great day! A day where everything is pretty much going on schedule and everyone is in good moods...even Gage, which sometimes doesn't always happen. Last night I sat down and planned out today-what I was going to eat, what I was going to do, workouts I was hoping to achieve. So today I have been following that list, and I am really impressed. I get why people plan their days now, it is really nice knowing what I am going to do next. Anyway, I got a fitness video in this morning, a run around lunch, hopefully will get to do another video tonight after Gage goes to sleep. I made a great stew in the slowcooker, and left overs can be used for supper tomorrow. Life is pretty good today.

On the other hand, I have a big head. Not a "I think I'm awesome, everyone should love me" big head, but an actual physical head. I like my head, but I don't like it when it comes to hats or headbands. Headbands really are the bane of my existence. I CANNOT find headbands that fit. I'll put them on, and then they'll start sliding, and sliding...eventually they'll just fall off. So yesterday I went and bought myself some elastics and headbands (to make me look cute for working out of course) which are supposed to be no-slip. Obviously they were not designed for heads that are on the larger size, so slipping again. Nothing to kill my mood today, though.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Continued update

So, Gage is off to bed and I have a few minutes to myself to continue this update. I guess the reason I'm coming back to this blog is that I am starting to come out of the fog that I've been in ever since I got pregnant and I am feeling inspired to go out and be part of the world again. Pregnancy was kind of hard for me, due to my extreme fatigue, and I have to admit, the first couple of months after Gage was born was not the easiest. I had so many expectations on how I thought things would be, and none of it really went the way I planned. I hated feeling out of control, with the inability to gain control, so I kind of wasn't the happiest woman on the block. Everything is better now, though, and I'm really enjoying being at home with Gage, and working on finishing my schooling. I've been spending some time online lately getting inspired by all these women out there who manage to cram much more in their day than I do. It's time for me to join these ranks. So...in order to be accountable I am going to list the things that I am working on now. I'm journeying back to a closer relationship with God. I'm working out again, and plan to run a 5 mile race in July (perfect way to celebrate 1 year of motherhood). I'm going to finish my schooling to the best of my ability. I will become a better consumer...reusing things I have, trying to shop responsibly, and making things if possible. I will be a better steward in my home and will provide healthy meals for my family. I will look at the blessings in my life much more than the negatives. I'm not sure if anyone is ever going to read this blog other than me, but that's okay, because at least I'm putting myself out there.

Another purpose for this blog is to point out some interesting stuff I find along the way, such as recipes, fitness, home management, finance...anything at all really.


Well, I can't believe how much time has passed since the last time I wrote. At that point I was a newly-wed, still working on my undergrads and looking for a job. Now I am 3 1/2 years into being a wife, a new mother (Gage is six months!), working on my masters...and essentially looking for a job. So I guess not everything has changed. I am determined to keep writing this time...we'll see how it goes!