Sunday, July 01, 2012's been a while. So long in fact that I have a new little one to complain chat about now. Aslyn Nevaeh made her overdue entrance on April 27th and has been a bright spot in our life ever since. Although she is still little, she has a strong personality, and loves to be with her family.

We are just starting to get in a better rhythm, and I'm hoping that we will get lots of fun times in this summer. Starting with today, when we go to see the Canada Day parade in a little bit. Gage is quite excited--especially because now it is July, and he knows his birthday is coming up very soon.

I feel like we need to update our summer bucket list from last year. A lot of things did not get done, as I ended up working most of the summer, so there will be some repeats for this year, plus a few more.

Although I might not always express it, life is good, and I wouldn't trade my little trouble makers for anything.

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