Monday, August 14, 2006

Okay, I am not on the ball

Well, it's been a while, at least nobody really knows about this blog yet, so they can't yell at me. But I guess to keep myself on track I'll have to tell people about it. There's been a bit of stuff going on lately, and it seems like there really aren't enough hours in the day...and it's only going to get worse this fall.

So, fish update. I was a good little wife and went down one night to fish with Matt and the various young teenagers that hang out at the wharf. At first I stayed far away from everybody because I had great images of me getting my hook caught in their hair, or skin, or something like that, but after I stopped being a chicken I moved over with the rest of them, and to my surprise I caught a fish! I was so excited, it was a little sad. I mean I'm supposed to be an adult, but it was so cool! But I, being the great fishergirl that I am, ended up catching 3 more fish that night, for the grand total of 4! Now don't get too did take me two hours to get that much. So I was happy because I got some fish, and I feel like I filled my fishing quota for a while, even though I have ended up going with him a few more times.

Matt and I are discovering that we have different ideas of fun. He thought it would be really fun last Saturday to get up early, go fishing, then go blueberry picking and then make jam. Me? I thought a good day would be to sleep in, then watch a movie or something, but we kind of have a trade off thing going on Saturdays, in which every second Saturday I get to pick what we do, so it was his Saturday, and away we went. The fish were not biting when we were there, and it was really windy, so I convinced him to give up on the fish and we went blueberry picking. After staying a lot longer then I wanted, we made it home and made the jam that night. The jam came out good, but I realized that I don't like anything that is too repetitive, and it doesn't bother him at all.

And there is a new addition to our family! No- not that, no babies yet! We have our first pet together. Matt came home on Saturday with a new kitten. He's all gray, and has enormous front paws, and we've named him Dakota Dusk. That kitten is spoiled already, but oh well. We're hoping we can have him with us when we move, but we'll see.

Oh, and speaking of moving... does anybody know where we can live in Moncton in the fall? Less then three weeks away and we don't have anything yet.

I'm thinking it's going to be a car or a tent for a while, and showers and laundry at ABU, but that would get pretty cold pretty fast! Please help!!!!

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