Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Week That Was

I've decided it is time to start giving a weekly update on what has been happening in our household. Although often nothing exciting has happened, with the children being the ages they are, time goes by quickly and it would be nice to be able to look back and document all that has happened.

So here it goes...
This past week was filled with work, sleep and getting ready for Sahara's 8th birthday. Her birthday was Saturday, and we had them this weekend, so it was extra special, because we think it is the first birthday that we've ever had her. We got her a pretty pink scooter and cool helmit, so she was a pretty excited little girl. Matt calls her 8 going on 18, so it was nice to see her happy with a "kid" gift. She got to pick her birthday meal-hot dogs-and I made her a ice cream sandwich ice cream cake, which she thought was pretty cool. Saturday afternoon before we dropped them off was full of excited children running around playing together. I love seeing Gage interact with his siblings, and have the opportunity to be teh youngest, when usually he is the only one around.

Gage has decided to start talking a lot more. Still not where I think he should be at, but getting better. This week he has added "doggy", "Kia", "help", "please", "beep beep beep", "Gloria" to his expressive language. Yes, they were mostly repetition, but some was spontaneous. He delights in all things boy, and was a real trooper, as he got babysat by some different people this week.

I got a couple of outdoor runs this week, and realized that I really want to do a couple of races this spring/summer. Running is a great stress relief, and although I am not the best at it, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done. Hopefully the weather will improve, and I'll be able to go out for more!

I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of my new niece or nephew as my siser is due in 9 days. It will be great for Gage to have another cousin, and since she only lives 7 or so hours away for this birth, I may actually get to see the baby when it is an infant!

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