Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am having a great day! A day where everything is pretty much going on schedule and everyone is in good moods...even Gage, which sometimes doesn't always happen. Last night I sat down and planned out today-what I was going to eat, what I was going to do, workouts I was hoping to achieve. So today I have been following that list, and I am really impressed. I get why people plan their days now, it is really nice knowing what I am going to do next. Anyway, I got a fitness video in this morning, a run around lunch, hopefully will get to do another video tonight after Gage goes to sleep. I made a great stew in the slowcooker, and left overs can be used for supper tomorrow. Life is pretty good today.

On the other hand, I have a big head. Not a "I think I'm awesome, everyone should love me" big head, but an actual physical head. I like my head, but I don't like it when it comes to hats or headbands. Headbands really are the bane of my existence. I CANNOT find headbands that fit. I'll put them on, and then they'll start sliding, and sliding...eventually they'll just fall off. So yesterday I went and bought myself some elastics and headbands (to make me look cute for working out of course) which are supposed to be no-slip. Obviously they were not designed for heads that are on the larger size, so slipping again. Nothing to kill my mood today, though.

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